ESM Expands East

ESM Fulfillment and Distribution is expanding East. In June, the award-winning company secured a new location that will serve the East Coast.

ESM is committed to providing the same excellent service from a different location. The company’s reputation for exceptional service earned the Best of State Award for Product Distribution in 2020.

As a leading 3rd party logistics company, ESM is dedicated to partnering with and serving its clients. ESM works to create the most efficient distribution and value-added processes. Above all, the company’s efficiency, combined with its flexibility, gives you exceptional service at a great value.

ESM provides a myriad of services, including fulfillment, distribution, inventory management, warehousing, and logistics. ESM also specializes in kitting and assembly and can handle the size and complexity of any job. All of these services make ESM Fulfillment and Distribution an excellent choice for any of your third party logistic needs.

The fulfillment and distribution company’s decision to expand East came with its customers in mind. ESM founder and Division President Mike Schatz says, “This is a large boost for our business and our customers. As we’re now operating out of both warehouses, we can service over 90% of the country with two-day deliveries with standard ground shipping.”

Why Choose Us

The new warehouse is located near the Kentucky border in Southern Indiana and allows ESM to provide quicker service to the companies with which it partners. In addition, the Eastern location joins ESM’s already operating Western hub located in the heart of Salt Lake City. Similarly, the new site offers all of the same services that the western location offers currently. Likewise, the two warehouses provide flexibility for any sized business to partner with and benefit from the many services ESM Fulfillment and Distribution provides.

With ESM, clients also have access to real-time inventory and order status information. Therefore, this software gives ESM the ability to integrate with your EDI and API needs. With state of the art facilities and finely tuned processes, ESM can grow with you and fulfill your business’s third-party logistics needs.

In conclusion, if you are looking to outsource any of your warehousing, fulfillment, kitting and assembly, or inventory management needs. Please contact us here.