ESM Fulfillment and Distribution has become a premier name in 3rd party logistics and kitting services. Their work in these services earned ESM the Best of State Award in 2020 for Product Distribution. One of the essential services that ESM provides is kitting. ESM packages over three hundred thousand kits per month. This article will discuss some of the kitting processes, why your company should consider kitting services, and what makes ESM a great option.


Kitting can simply be described as bundling or product bundling. The process involves taking multiple products, each with their own SKU numbers, and after that combining them to a kitted box with its individual SKU and numerous products. Another function of kitting is pre-assembly. In addition to packaging the products, workers will also sometimes assemble certain goods as specified.

You might see kitting services to be beneficial in packed-to-order sets, subscription boxes, and products needing assembly, cosmetics, and more.

There are many benefits to kitting multiple products into one SKU number. One of the most obvious reasons is that you sell more items and make more money. But kitting also benefits companies with their order fulfillment and inventory management. These processes also reduce the handling of products and make them less likely to be damaged.

Many companies do this by hand, but outsourcing to a company specializing in 3rd party logistics, inventory management, and order fulfillment in addition to kitting will take away a lot of the headaches and help your company grow.

Kitting with ESM

ESM takes pride in how they have perfected the art of kitting. The company can handle kitting orders of all sizes quickly and efficiently. ESM has many lines in their state of the art warehouse dedicated to this service. When coupling the staff’s experience and efficiency at ESM with its cloud-based management software, the company ensures top quality with all of its orders.

Learn more about ESM Fulfillment and Distributions kitting services here.